Simpozij o agronomiji - Novi izzivi

Guidelines for authors

Text should be written in Word for Windows (vesion 2.0 to 2000). Document should be written in B5 format in TIMES NEW ROMAN font.

  • Border sizes: upper: 25 mm, lower: 15 mm, left: 20 mm, right :15 mm.
  • Article lenght: maximum 7 pages, including abstract, tables and figures.
  • The headline should be written in font 12, small letters, bold.

Under the headline there should be emptyline, font 11. Afterwards there is Name and SURNAME of the authors, divided by commas (font 11, left, not bold), without scientific and pedagogic titles (they should be written at the end of the first page):

1 dr., Biotehniška fakulteta, p.p. 95, 1000 Ljubljana
2 univ. dipl. inž. agr., Semenarna Ljubljana d.d., Dolenjska cesta 242, 1000 Ljubljana, e-pošta:

There follows an empty line, font 11.

Abstract (headline bold, font 11)
Text font is 10. There should be not more than 200 words.
Key words: follow abstract without empty line, font 10.

Abstract in Key words are written bold.

There are two empty lines. Paragraphs follow:
1 Introduction
2 Material and methods
3 Results and discussion
4 Conclusions
5 Literature

Headlines should be writen bold, the text follows without empty line. There are empty lines between tables, figures and paragraphs. Text should be written in font 11. Paragraphs could be divided:
1    1.1     1.1.1

Headlines of tables and figures should be written in font 11. Headlines of tables should be written above them, headlines of figures under them. Tables:

  • Font 11 or 10
  • Simple arranged with no shadows or double lines
  • Under the tables there can be explanations written in font 10.

All the text and figures should be black and white!

In the article authors should be cited as the example:

  • (Dolničar et al., 1995; Šantavec, 1997) or
  • (Dolničar and Šantavec, 2000)

if there are two authors.LiteratureLiterature should be written in font 10, arranged in alphabetical order of author names, as the example:Asmus, F. 1995. Ergebnisse aus einem langjährigen Dauerfeldversuch zur organisch-mineralischen Dűngung auf Tieflehm-Fahrlerde. Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science, 39: 359-367.

Each article will be sent to two reviewers.